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Cosa vedere durante la tua visita a Napoli

Napoli è una città che trasuda cultura e tradizione con un passato millenario ancora oggi evidente. Non si può che iniziare la visita alla città dal centro storico e dal quartiere Spaccanapoli; immergetevi nei vicoletti, le piazze,

Indonesia’s Leading Historical Sites

Indonesia’s rich and diverse history means that there are a large number of historical places to explore in this island nation. Visitors will find a large number of temples to explore here, many of which date back

Discover Bangkok’s Oldest Temple

Wat Arun is the oldest temple in the city of Bangkok and is set on the bank of the mighty Chao Phraya River. In the past, the river was used as a hub by trading ships coming

Discover Ancient Thai Architecture in Ayutthaya

The city of Ayutthaya is located just 85 kilometers to the north of Bangkok and is famous for its ancient temples. Ayutthaya also features a modern city that is packed with amenities such as bars, shops, restaurants

Exploring Cambodia’s Ancient Temples

Wat Bo This is the oldest temple in Siam Reap. Inside the temple, there is a fascinating collection of artwork dating back to the late 19th century which depicts the Cambodian interpretation of the Ramayana. Wat Athvea

Discover the Magic of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu boasts of some of the most phenomenal ruins in Peru. The area retains as much of its enchanting aura of mystery as when the structures were built here by the Incas. The ruins are usually

Ancient Attractions in Guilin

Guilin is regarded as one of the most scenic towns in China. It was named after the fragrance of osmanthus tree and is brimming with unspoiled natural wonders that delight travelers. Located in the northeast of Guangxi

Myanmar is Magical for History Lovers

Myanmar, previously known as Burma enjoys a rich culture with a 1,200-year-old language and an abundance of natural splendor which remains relatively unaltered in most of country even to this day. Yangon (old Rangoon) lies in south

Jordan is the Place to Discover History

Soaked in history, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was a Middle East afterthought and comprises of vast swaths of lonely desert and a number of small but spectacular sites. It’s one of the most welcoming sites in the