Exploring Cambodia’s Ancient Temples

Wat Bo

This is the oldest temple in Siam Reap. Inside the temple, there is a fascinating collection of artwork dating back to the late 19th century which depicts the Cambodian interpretation of the Ramayana.

Wat Athvea

This is an ancient temple located within Siam Reap. It is not generally visited by tourists who prefer to visit Angkor Wat and thus is very quiet and tranquil. It’s worth taking photos of the temple’s beautiful pagoda.

Wat Thmei

This is an interesting temple that has a small memorial which holds the skulls and other body parts of victims of the Khmer Rouge.

Angkor Wat

This is one of the anAngkor-Wat-Images (1)cient wonders of the world and is stunning because of its sheer size, the attention to detail in its carvings are second to none while its symmetry will never fail to impress. There are more than 3000 hand carved apsaras (heavenly nymphs) which any art lover will appreciate. The moat that once surrounded Angkor Wat is about 190 meters wide and very deep. It is said that it was once filled with crocodiles.

Angkor Thom

This vast walled city was founded in the late 12th century by King Jayavarman VII and was the last city held by the Khmer empire. Visitors can see several interesting monuments from pervious eras and also those built during King Jayavarman’s reign. The Bayon, built by the king in the 13th century is in the middle of the city. Baphuon was built in the center of the city that existed before Angkor Thom was built. It is an ancient pyramidal representation of mythical Mount Meru and is believed to be the most spectacular temple in Angkor.

Ta Prohm

This is a majestic temple ruin which has been left in its natural state. Much of the temple has now been covered by the surrounding jungles, but it only adds to its beauty and appeal. It is believed that this is how temples would have first looked when they were discovered.