Indonesia’s Leading Historical Sites

Indonesia’s rich and diverse history means that there are a large number of historical places to explore in this island nation. Visitors will find a large number of temples to explore here, many of which date back to the 10th century or before. Indonesia’s former colonial influence has also left its mark offering visitors the opportunity to explore Dutch forts and grand mansions.

Borobudur Templedownload (6)

Built on a hilltop in the 8th century, the Borobur Temple is one of Indonesia’s oldest and most spectacular religious sites. Dating back to the Cailendra dynasty, this temple is a miniature model of the universe. Visitors ascend from the ‘world of desire’ at the first level to the ‘world of formlessness’ and the fifth and final level at the summit is extremely peaceful and a place of meditation.

Gendung Songo Temples

Located on the Dieng Plateau, these magnificent temples date back to around 730AD. This stunning temple site was built on the slope of Mount Ungaran at approximately 900 meters above sea level. The site consists of nine main Hindu temples, several of which have been meticulously repaired


Also known as Lorojonggrang Temple, this temple is situated on the edge of the village of Bokoharjo lying on the east of Yogyakarta. Consisting of three main temples, this is one of Indonesia’s most interesting and mystical monuments. There are more than 200 temples on this site making it one of Indonesia’s most significant Hindu sites.


Palembang was the former capital of ancient Kingdom Srivijaya and there are plenty of interesting places to explore here. The city also features 18th century remnants of the Muslim rule as well as a number of Dutch buildings.

Taman Sari

The highlight of this area is a large water castle which was used by the former kings and queens for bathing and relaxation purposes. Exploring the water castle offers an interesting insight into the lives of Bali’s royalty. A number of rooms have been restored to show visitors how they would have been when the kings and queens lived here and there are also some interesting exhibits here.